Wisdom Teeth Removal: Is it necessary?

The Trouble with Wisdom Teeth

Mention tooth extraction to most teens and young adults and they tend to cringe. Maybe a past painful experience in the dentist’s chair or somebody’ else’s cringe story are keeping them away from regular dental visits. As far as wisdom teeth removal is concerned, in many cases a necessity, young people ought to be educated in the wisdom of their extraction.

Is it absolutely necessary?
Can I just keep them? They’re not bothering me anyway.

There are cases when you can keep your wisdom teeth. If all have fully erupted properly or are positioned correctly, it’s a healthy sign. If they bite opposing each other properly is another good sign. They are not carious, hence, healthy, and if they can be reached and cleaned with no difficulty, you can let them stay. However, in many instances, such is not the case. Wisdom teeth or third molars grow last in the arches and often find no place to erupt properly.

They will force their way out and often at different angles causing overlapping or crookedness. Sometimes they erupt horizontally causing friction with the roots of the neighboring teeth, or at times hidden under the gums or get stuck in bone, in both cases may lead to swelling and pain or development of cystic growths.

Improperly erupted third molars are not easily cleaned and develop caries easily. Eventually, they will decay, develop gum disease, cause bad breath, and damage other normal teeth. If you go for regular dental visits, your dentist will note your wisdom teeth development and if he sees potential problems, will recommend early removal. If removed early, wisdom tooth extraction is easier for the dentist and for you because the teeth and their roots have not fully developed; there will be little to no complications, and recovery is a lot faster after the surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Care at Auburn

Come and consult with your Auburn dentist on the your particular case. The earlier you start with wisdom tooth extraction, if necessary, potential issues with them can be avoided.