Teeth Whitening Options: Which is the Best?

Different Roads to Whiter Teeth

You have three main teeth whitening options available to you. Each of them require a different procedure and also differ in safety profile, effectiveness and treatment duration. Since not all teeth reach the same level of whiteness, the option that works best for others may not necessarily be the optimal choice for you. However, it is good to know the advantages and disadvantages of the these options.

Performed by a dentist, in-office whitening procedures use the strongest bleaching solutions. Studies show that a 38 percent hydrogen peroxide concentration achieve a six-shade change in whiteness. Your dentist should protect your gums, lips and the rest of your mouth during the procedure and only subject the exposed teeth to the strong solutions. Your gums need to be healthy and have no inflammation prior to the bleaching as peroxide can burn inflamed tissue on contact. In most cases, as few as 3 visits to the dentist can achieve the whitening desired.

The other option is the use of custom-made flexible plastic trays for at-home bleaching. One week of 10% carbamide peroxide in your customized mouth tray, made by your dentist, produces the six-shade whitening desired. It is not as acidic as hydrogen peroxide, so this method is generally the safest.

It is also the most cost-effective, best-researched whitening treatment available. And, of course, you have those teeth-whitening products you can buy OTC at drugstores and supermarkets. Most come in strips requiring 16 daily applications of 5.3 percent hydrogen peroxide to achieve that six-shade change in whiteness.

Whiteness according to your Lifestyle

Know more about these options at Auburn Dental. We offer all the options with our proper instructions for a healthier and younger-looking you. When you make a treatment choice, that will depend largely on your preferences, lifestyle and your finances. Let us help you achieve that maximum whiteness by giving enough time for these options to work.