Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any concerns about your dental care? Here are some of the questions most frequently asked of our Auburn dentist:

Q: What can I expect during my consultation?
A: Your first visit will include an evaluation of your oral health, a meeting with a hygienist, a dental cleaning, and a meeting with one of our Auburn dentists, Dr. Walia, Dr. Dipti or Dr. Desai. This is a great time for you to ask questions about the treatments we offer and learn more about our practice.

Q: How long will my procedure take?
A: The length of your procedure will depend largely on the type of treatment in question and the extent of your problem. Fortunately, Aurbun Avenue Dental offers a range of minimally-invasive procedures that require less chair time and have much faster recovery times than many traditional procedures.

Q: Will I need to take time off work?
A: Thanks to advanced technology and modern, non-invasive techniques, some of our procedures can be performed within an hour and do not require anesthesia. This allows patients to get back to work quickly. However, some treatments may require more chair time or a longer recovery period.

Q: What if I’m afraid of going to the dentist?
A: Dental anxiety is a problem that many people struggle with. This fear is often associated with the pain and loss of control that they are used to experiencing in a dentist’s office. At Aurbun Avenue, we seek to accommodate these fears with a comfortable and relaxing environment, communicating with you to let you know what to expect out of your treatment. Meanwhile, our modern dental practices have taken a lot of the pain out of the experience. You may be surprised how comfortable a dental visit could be!

Q: What will my insurance cover my expenses?
A: As every insurance plan is different and coverage can vary greatly by provider, we encourage patients to educate themselves on what services are covered by their insurance plans. When we draft your treatment plan, we do our best to provide accurate pricing information based on your coverage. For your convenience, we can also process insurance claims on your behalf.

Q: How much will my dental services cost?
A: Treatment costs are based on the type of treatment and any additional services you may require. We will discuss costs of your treatment during your consultation. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, ask us about CareCredit third-party financing and your insurance benefits.

Q: I am very busy. Can my treatment wait until later?
A: When we propose a timeline for your treatments, it is best to stick to it if at all possible. If you neglect any existing issues such as gum disease, you may end up needing more extensive and more costly treatment in the future. We encourage you to make your dental health a high priority and schedule your dental visits as soon as you can. We are here to help you achieve that beautiful and healthy smile in the shortest time possible.

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