Dental Emergencies

At Auburn Avenue Dental, dental emergencies are a priority. Whether you walk in or call ahead, we make every effort to accommodate dental emergencies on the same day, whether you come to our Issaquah or Auburn dentist office. Our offices are open 23-24 days every month (excluding Sundays) and our dentist is available on-call after hours for increased flexibility to address your needs.

Common dental emergencies include:

Broken Teeth
Even if the breakage isn’t too extensive, it is important to have your broken tooth looked at as soon as possible. The cracked portion of your tooth is not being protected by your enamel, and is highly susceptible to decay.

A toothache can be considered a dental emergency if it is severe enough. These may be indicative of tooth decay or a similar problem that needs immediate attention.

Swollen Gums
Swelling is your gums’ way of telling you that there’s something wrong. Even if you’re not feeling any pain, this may be a problem that you need to bring to your dentist’s attention.

Localized Facial Swelling
If you experience swelling around your face or neck, it may point to a severe problem in your oral cavity.

Gum Infection
The first sign that your delicate gum tissues may be infected is a good time to call your dentist.

Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth
Sometimes the pain of a wisdom tooth trying to erupt in your mouth can be too much to bear. In such cases, it may be necessary for your dentist to intervene.

Loose Tooth
If your tooth comes loose, there may still be a chance to save it if you get it to the dentist quickly enough.