Professional Staff at Auburn Dental: Can’t Do Without

We’re Here for You

At Auburn Avenue Dental, the staff’s collective efforts run the clinic like clock work, making sure that the overall aim is both patient-centered and job-fulfilling.
Take our Office Dental Manager. Responsible for smooth operations of both office and staff, she oversees the day-today activities of the clinic. She makes sure that facilities are clean and orderly, all instrumentation and apparatus working in top form, supplies are adequate. Her plate is rather full but being so allows the dentist to focus on patient care.

The Dental Hygienist works closely alongside the dentist. A licensed practitioner, she performs dental procedures like teeth cleaning and diagnostic tests, works with the dentist during certain intensive procedures, and educates patients on preventive care and oral hygiene practices. She will even advice of proper tooth brushing and flossing methods.

The Dental Assistant at Auburn Dental is a trained assistant, great with people skills and with numbers. She prepares the patient for examination, answers their concerns and makes sure they are comfortable. She is the one by the dentist’s side passing on instruments or materials and seeing that the patient’s mouth is dry and clear via the suction tube. She keeps their records, schedules their turns and follows up on appointments.

Auburn Dental Staff and the Auburn Community

No dental practice is going to thrive without the able and efficient staff attending to the overall business of patient dental care. Here, our commitment to service and comfort stands out in every facet of patient engagement. Within our office walls, we nurture the bonds formed in our quest for a healthier and happier Auburn community.