Care for the Diabetic Patient at Auburn Avenue Dental

Discovering the Diabetic Patient

We, at Auburn Dental, understand the correlations of diabetes and oral health and, hence, There are many instances that dentists are able to spot the condition unbeknownst even to the diabetic himself.

People with diabetes have the same dental problems as other people; however, their blood sugar profile is so problematic that they are more prone to mouth infections and have difficulty surmounting them. Diabetics tend to make more frequent dental appointments due to some infection and then another. They are unable to defeat bacterial invasion as easily as non-diabetics do.

Our Auburn dentists can discover, in spite of the absence of gum pain or swelling, the presence of periodontal disease by careful oral examination. Another condition, called dry mouth, may indicate diabetes as patient’s salivary glands tend to clog owing to sluggish blood flow. Also, if periodontal disease does not respond well to dental treatment, it will tell our dentist that the patient has issues controlling blood sugar. Furthermore, diabetic patients tend to lose their teeth early due to the onslaught of the disease, and many have resorted to crowns and dentures as an aftermath.

Dental Help for Diabetics in Auburn

Our dentists and staff at Auburn Dental are trained and experienced in dealing with this vulnerable class of patients. Diabetes is so widespread that a multidisciplinary approach becomes essential in the battle against the disease. Our Auburn dentist joins the medical profession in co-managing these patients, contributing to the early diagnosis, control and treatment of dental-related conditions of diabetes.