Auburn Dentist: What to expect with your New Dentures

Dentures: the Acquaintance Stage

New dentures can be life-changing for most people and it’s common to have feelings of unease and awkwardness. Knowing their long benefits enables many patients to go through the adjustments and live with them on a daily basis.

Firstly, your entire face will look slightly different to your friends and family. Actually, your general appearance hasn’t changed that much. Give that a few weeks and soon your smile will turn as natural as the dentures you’re wearing.

You feel the bulkiness in your mouth at first; some areas may be tight, some loose. Initial soreness or irritation should go away in a couple of weeks, so with decrease saliva flow. Give time for your arches, gums, the roof or floor of your mouth to adjust to the appliance, your tongue and muscles to keep the dentures in place.

When it comes to eating, practice your oral structures to start off with soft diet. Re-learn to bite, chew and munch slowly yet confidently. Take small bits and bites of food and avoid very hot or very cold food and drinks at first, training your mouth and dentures to get used to the differences in intake. And do not worry about your speaking habits. Practice talking, laughing, and reading with family and get that skill and confidence back in no time.

Guidance and Assurance with New Dentures

Your new dentures and you are a pair for years to come. Your Auburn dentist’s tips are invaluable helps to keep you calm and steady as you begin journeying with your new dentures. You are encouraged to call or drop by for any concerns you think are unexpected or unusual with your denture-wearing. At Auburn Avenue Dental, we are always happy to assist.