Crowns: Best Recommendations

Crown Advantages

Crowns restore the function and shape of the original tooth that is damaged. The procedure protects the teeth and prevents sensitivity, and prevents the teeth from drifting or filling up space between teeth. Crowns may be the most common restoration option to prolong a tooth’s life, but it’s not for everyone.

It can be the best option, or even the only option to restore your teeth. A cracked tooth, especially if it extends to the gum line, requires a crown. A cracked tooth may split and won’t be able to heal on its own so a crown is your best option. Too large of a filling can also endanger teth, weakening the walls and causing breakage.

If there are too much erosion and wear of the top surfaces, common for people who grind their teeth, clench their jaw, or in those with frequent acid reflux, tooth material weakens and is unable to bear the pressure and its daily duties.

Auburn dentist: Crowns when you need them only

Here at Auburn Dental, our experienced dentists will tell you if crowns are a good fit for you and is able to answer questions and explain the procedure. As in cases when the use of appropriate filling materials is sufficient to preserve and save the tooth, crowns are not necessary, or if a patient’s delicate health prevents the preparation for crowns. Ask our Auburn dentists about it.