TMJ Care for TMJ Pains by Auburn Dentist

When Pain and Popping in the Jaw Happens

The temporo-mandibular joint or TMJ is that joint that connects your lower jaw (or mandible) to your skull, at the temporal area just in front of each ear. Several medical conditions,apart from traumatic injuries, affect not just the joints themselves, but involve their surrounding muscles, tendons and bones as well. With them, even nerves and blood vessels are affected. Certain habits promote the TMJ Syndrome – like poor head posture, chewing with your gums, teeth grinding, lack of sleep, and even stress. The pain can also be traced to a tooth misalignment or a bad orthodontic brace.

Headaches, earaches, and stiffness of jaw muscles are felt. Some symptoms can be quite disturbing, like popping sounds in the ear, jaw clicking, and sometimes the fearful locked jaw. Most symptoms are home-remedies, like applying ice packs, massages, and pain-killers. But if the problem still persists, then a look at a medical practitioner is the next step.

TMJ Care from Your Auburn Dentist

Sometimes, it’s not enough to see your primary physician or a medical specialist only, such as an ENT MD. A consultation with your local Auburn dentist can be as helpful also, and might just be the specialist you need. In instances where the causative factors are related to dentition, let your dental professional examine you and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Dentists have training and working knowledge of the temporo-mandibular joint, its anatomy, functions, and related disorders and treatment.

You can be prescribed gentle therapies like massages, medications like muscle-relaxants, or mouthguards if needed. Rarely are drastic treatments employed. Here at Auburn Dental, we know TMJ, indeed.