Cosmetic Dentistry

If you need to put the pearl or the white back into your pearly-whites, our Auburn dentists can help! We offer several options for whitening, straightening, closing gaps and generally giving you the winning grin that you deserve!

Our Auburn dentists, Dr. Walia, Dr. Dipti and Dr. Desai, can perform various cosmetic dentistry procedures to improved the look and feel of your smile. If your teeth are chipped, discolored, or even missing, there are common cosmetic dentistry procedures that our dentists can perform. Depending on your oral health, our Auburn dentist can recommend certain types of procedures. Please feel free to ask any one of our dentists, Dr. Walia, Dr. Dipti or Dr. Desai, regarding any concerns you may have.

Many people suffer with crippling self-esteem issues brought on by their teeth. They’re afraid to let their mouths open too much, dreading the moment that a new acquaintance will notice an unsightly gap or a lackluster stain on their teeth. If you find yourself in this position a lot, you may be surprised how much a bit of simple cosmetic dentistry can change your life!